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What a Cheerful Group – Ashes to Go… Ash Wednesday – 2/10/2016 wp96f97fe6_05_06Left to right: Sherry Brady, Deacon, United Methodist Church and Mirabel, the Methodist Hispanic minister… Doing Ashes to go… or drive thru Ashes for Ash Wednesday in the parking lot of the Methodist Church in Safford.
  Spiritual Gifts Survey – All Saints Episcopal Church – 2/6/2016 wpd987a590_05_06 wpc3a89488_06 wpaa4a7572_06 wpa5d87ea3_05_06 wp43609a99_05_06  
Maundy Thursday Agape Meal - March 24, 2016 We gathered in the church around tables and shared a light meal, Scripture readings, a guided meditation, songs, and hand washing. We had communion and then prepared the church for Good Friday, departing in solemn silence. wpfcfbd252_06 wpb929bb47_06 wpac8190fb_06 wp148379dd_05_06 wp1781d2da_06 wp158d9927_05_06 wp80b4a3b8_05_06 wp68b33b5d_05_06 wp9d5b9b90_05_06 wp7a917554_05_06 wp4d906a03_06
Easter Morning - March 27, 2016 A Beautiful Easter Service - with Rev. Cornell reminding us to Follow the Leader! – Jesus Christ! wpb8701b71_05_06 wp599f29cf_06 wp248af145_05_06 wp5e6ad9f9_05_06
A successful Easter Egg hunt… And Easter dinner in the Parish Hall.

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