Mt. Graham Safehouse

All Saints Episcopal Church helps Mt. Graham Safehouse
with donation for new air conditioner

Pictured above left to right: Jeanette Aston (Mt Graham Safehouse Executive Director), Devin Gillespie (All Saints Senior Warden), Rev. Allison Cornell (All Saints Priest-in-charge), Dollie Moir (All Saints Junior Warden).

As the present heatwave settled in for an unfortunate long stay, air conditioners around the area have struggled to keep buildings cool. This month, the heat took out three of the four air conditioner units at the Mt. Graham safehouse. When All Saints’ Senior Warden, Devin Gillespie heard about the failed AC units through an announcement of a burrito sale to help raise money to repair or replace the units, he contacted the other church leaders and began a conversation about what All Saints church could do to help the mothers and children in residence at the safehouse. The All Saints leadership agreed to donate $2000.00 from their Gretchen Rabb Fund towards a replacement AC unit.

The Gretchen Rabb Fund at All Saints Episcopal Church is a memorial fund named for a now deceased member of the church, Gretchen Rabb. The fund is dedicated to supporting single parents with children with modest disbursements. Each year during the summer the church leadership considers individuals who might benefit from a gift from the fund and makes disbursements. This year, the church leaders were already considering the Mt. Graham Safehouse as a possible recipient of a gift. When the news of their broken air conditioners reached the church leaders, it was clear that donating to the Safehouse for their air conditioners was an excellent way to help mothers and children now and for years to come.

Those who receive a gift from the Gretchen Rabb fund are not obligated in any way to the church, but are asked that when an opportunity presents itself to help someone else in that person’s future, that they do so, that the recipient “pay it forward.” By the work that the Mt. Graham Safehouse does, the staff and purpose of the Mt. Graham Safehouse will continue to pay it forward in their mission to help those in domestic abuse situations.

All Saints Episcopal Church welcomes donations to its Gretchen Rabb fund to keep it going for as long as possible in helping single parents with children. Anyone making a donation can send it to: All Saints Episcopal Church, 210 W. Main St., Safford, AZ 85546 or contact the church at 928-348-9430.