First Quarter

2016 Archive 1 - Jan. to March 2016

Virginia Patterson

Virginia Patterson, displaying some of the most beautiful, inspiring, creative, hand-made greeting cards recognizing special days for all members of the congregation!

Many members of All Saints Episcopal Church have been the beneficiaries of a particular talent and inclination of one of its senior members, Virginia Patterson, whose imagination and kind-heartedness has manifested itself in greeting cards appearing in the mail on numerous personal special occasions.

Virginia is a senior member of our congregation who was confirmed at the church in Morenci, AZ, and who has been a real asset to the All Saints congregation for many years, spanning the tenures of numerous vicars.

The object of her creative impulses in recent years has been the creation of one of a kind greeting cards sent to brighten the lives of her church friends. They are such that those receiving them are inclined to keep them among their family treasures.

Virginia has a "craft room" that was provided for her by her late husband initially as a sewing room, and prior to her current attention to the custom cards she busied herself with sewing, knitting, and related domestic skills. She has always been willing to step forward when the All Saints congregation has had special occasion needs. She prides herself on "a busy, if cluttered work space!

Virginia, thank you for sharing your spiritual gifts, serving all!